Fresh wind in the sails!

The beginning of 2024 was marked by an important turning point in the history of our company. We opened a new branch of the company in Croatia, under the name Klemen Transport Croatia.


A vehicle fleet consisting of 28 large tankers is thus available for the needs of fuel delivery. These tanks are manufactured to the highest standards, which ensures safety and reliability of transport. We also have 7 smaller tanks for delivering fuel directly to customers. The vehicles are strategically located throughout the country, which allows us an exceptional degree of flexibility and, on the other hand, enables short delivery times.


In addition to the fleet itself, Klemen Transport Croatia also has its own parking lot and modern offices, which serve as a central hub for managing logistics operations.


With the help of advanced technological solutions, Klemen Transport Croatia set a new standard in vehicle tracking and management. This allows us to closely monitor every step in the logistics process, which ensures optimal efficiency, security and transparency.


In line with its commitment to excellence and innovation, Klemen Transport Croatia not only follows trends in the logistics industry, it creates them. Our vision is to transform the logistics landscape in the region, offering advanced services that exceed expectations. With the opening of our branch, we have embarked on this path, which will bring positive changes both in the logistics industry and in the satisfaction of our customers.

40 mio Kilometers driven
420 Trucks
650 Employees
53.420 Storage areas (km2)
12 mio Fuel consumed (l)
180.000 Open transport orders

* Statistics for 2022